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We are the exclusive distributor of Falk Culinair copper cookware in the United States.  With a heritage that dates back to 1958, Falk Culinair’s mission has been simple: manufacture the highest quality copper cookware available that will provide superior performance, unmatched beauty and ease of maintenance. All of our cookware is handcrafted with care in Falk’s workshop in Wespelaar, Belgium by craftsmen with decades of experience. When you buy Falk Culinair, you can be confident that you’re buying cookware of unrivaled quality, performance and value.  



Falk copper cookware is manufactured from the finest quality materials that are designed to last a lifetime. The majority of our cookware is made from 2.5mm of bimetal consisting of 2.3mm of high-quality copper bonded to 200 microns of stainless steel. No cheap stuff here. You can choose the Signature Line Collection with stainless steel handles or the more traditional Classical Line Collection with cast iron handles. Whichever style you chose, you can be sure that your cookware will live up to the heritage and craftsmanship only found in Falk Culinair.



Falk bimetal is a superior thermal conductor to stainless steel alone. This means that a Falk pan will heat up and cool down quicker than a stainless steel pan - giving you more control over your cooking. It also means that Falk copper pans will not have “hot spots” like you find in stainless steel pans. In addition, your Falk copper cookware will get much hotter, while using less heat, than similar stainless steel cookware. Plus, all of our cookware is oven-safe, giving you the versatility you need to make any dish to perfection. These are true benefits that any cook will appreciate.



All of our cookware has the Falk Culinair signature brushed copper finish and is lined with a satin, low-sheen stainless steel. So, not only are our pans beautiful right out of the factory, but they’ll stay that way for years to come. Falk Culinair’s finish is superior at resisting scratches and spotting than you’ll find in other brands and if left unpolished will age to a beautiful natural patina. While most copper cookware is difficult to maintain, Falk Culinair copper cookware will easily stay beautiful throughout its lifetime of use.

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