Falk 14cm Classical Line Copper Saucier

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Falk Sauciers have a slightly wider opening and rounder, flared sides than the standard Falk saucepan pan. These pans are designed to prevent overcooking of sauces that can sometimes occur in the corners of a saucepan. Our sauciers are designed specifically to accommodate vigorous and continuous whisking and stirring. Common preparations in a saucier include roux, custards and sauces as well as risottos and other “stirring intensive” recipes. Additional common uses include poaching, braising and reducing.

All of our cookware comes with the Falk Culinair Manufacturer's warranty

(Cover Not Included)

Please note:  These smaller sauciers are specificially designed for European-style stovetops.  European gas stovetops tend to have less space between burner grates than American stoves.  If you're using a gas stovetop with wide spacing between the grates, you might find these smaller sauciers to be less stable than a larger pan or equivalent-sized saucepan.

Handcrafted with Copper & Stainless Steel
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Copper Saucier
Falk 14cm Classical Line Copper Saucier

In stock

More Information
Line Classical Line
Diameter (U.S.) 5.51 inches
Volume (U.S) .74 quarts
Height (U.S.) 2.52 inches
Thickness (metric) 2.0mm

Low-maintenance brushed copper finish. Ergonomic cast iron handles that reflect the tradition of Falk’s heritage. The rough-hewn handle provides a superior grip and makes each piece as unique as the chef who owns it.

The bimetal of this 16cm saucier consists of a heavy1.8mm copper plate on which a 200 micron (0.2mm) fine layer of stainless steel is anchored. The Falk bimetal comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

Falk copper cookware manufactured in Belgium.

(Cover Not Included)

All of our cookware is returnable within 30 days of invoice if in unused condition*.  In order to return an item, you must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from us.  RMA's can be requested through your account dashboard, or if you purchased as a guest, you can request an RMA by email or by phone.  Please see our return policy for full instructions. 

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Cleaning & Care

Copper.  All of our cookware has a low-maintenance brushed copper finish. However, normal usage can cause any copper cookware to discolor and tarnish. To keep your cookware looking new, we recommend occasionally using a non-abrasive cleaner such as Bon Ami and a nylon pad on the copper vessels. Plain dishwashing soap and a sponge should work for normal cleaning purposes. For tougher stains, try a paste of equal parts ketchup and salt.  Polish occasionally with Flitz Polish.

Stainless steel.  Never dissolve salt on the surface of any stainless steel as it can cause pitting. If cooking pasta in our cookware, we recommend adding salt to the pot after it comes to a boil and rinsing the pot out immediately after use. Our warranty does not cover pitting from excessive salt exposure.

Cast iron.  Alway dry cast iron immediately after washing and do not leave it soaking in water as it will rust. If you wish to cure the Classical Line handles, you can apply a small amount of vegetable oil to the cast iron (try avoiding the copper) and place in a 250 degree oven for 30-40 minutes.

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