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History of Falk Culinair, N.V.

Falk Culinair, N.V. manufactures only Professional-grade, heirloom quality, handcrafted copper cookware out of their workshop in Wespelaar, Belgium. With few exceptions, all of our cookware is constructed of 2.5mm bimetal which consists of 2.3mm of pure copper bonded to a 200 micron austenitic stainless steel plate.  Please take a few minutes to view a video of the manufacturing process to understand why Falk cookware will last more than a lifetime.

For over thirty years, Falk Culiniar, N.V. has been manufacturing some of the finest copper cookware in the world out of their workshop in Wespelaar, Belgium. All Falk copper cookware comes in Falk's signature brushed finish for easy maintenance and is lined with high-quality stainless steel for superior performance and heat control. You will find that Falk cookware is perfectly balanced and thoughtfully designed. For the first time in the United States, we are now selling both of Falk's Signature Line and Classical Line. The Signature Line is the newest entrant into Falk's product line. The vessels of the Signature Line are exactly the same as the Classical Line, but have stainless steel handles for a more modern look. The Classical Line continues the heritage of Falk Culinair with its rough-hewn cast iron handles. Whichever line you prefer, you can be assured that all Falk Culinair products meet the most demanding chef's standards. For more information about Falk Culinair, NV, please click he

History of Falk

In 1958, a silversmith from Anderlect, Belgium established Falk N.V. Four years later, Pieter van Achter Sr., acquired Falk N.V. and moved it to his hometown of Wespelaar-Haacht. This was during a time when decorative copper started to replace galvanized copper cookware.

In 1977, Pieter’s son, Paul van Achter, an industrial engineer with metallurgical expertise took over manufacturing and trading. Paul significantly changed the production and design to professional grade culinary cookware and as a result, renamed the company Falk Culinair N.V.


Copper is great at thermal conductivity and cooks food evenly. Traditionally copper cookware is lined with a thin layer of tin to protect the copper and overtime, requires relining. Tin blisters at high heat and oxidizes its particles to the food being cooked.

As a result of some of tin’s limitations, Paul pioneered and patented the use of bimetal technology, through a process called intercrystallisation. This process involves laminating a large copper plate directly onto a fine layer of stainless steel. The bimetal was designed to replace the softer tin layering method which has a melting point at 230 ° C. It was Falk Culinair that introduced the use of bimetal technology with copper cookware. With his own culinary experience and collaboration with professional chefs, Paul strived to endow each copper pan made by Falk with optimal design and function.

Today Paul’s process is regarded as the gold standard for manufacturing copper cookware and is adopted by other cookware manufacturers.

Falk Culinair Today

Today, Falk Culinair is led byJan Van Achter, Paul’s youngest son. Jan holds a degree in economics and master’s degree in international relations and has globalized Falk. Jan shares the same vision and philosophy as his father and grandfather. Tradition and technology remain the primary themes of FALK copper cookware. Jan affirms that “my challenge is to continue to manufacture the finest handcrafted cookware in the world. Every FALK pan is made by today’s high standards with the use of exclusive materials without compromise and with a taste of tradition".

Our products are used by in the home and by discerning chefs. Through the artisan of Falk Culinair, each handcrafted product’s uniqueness and elegance will remain timeless for generations to come.

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